Keyboard Not Working? How to Fix Windows 10 Keyboard Not Typing Problem

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  • As it was stated before, more likely that the hijacker appeared on your system brought by other software.
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Select top right menu and check if there’s Developer settings. Select Developer settings and scroll down to Unknown sources try this as it worked for me, ensure you close/force close all apps and re open it. In the case of Windows 10 keylogging by Microsoft, changing certain privacy settings may disable it. An on-screen keyboard will be effective against hardware keyloggers; transparency will defeat some—but not all—screen loggers. An anti-spyware application that can only disable hook-based keyloggers will be ineffective against kernel-based keyloggers. A software-based keylogger is a computer program designed to record any input from the keyboard.

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If the Facebook Page is linked but not “claimed” by the account, the API still won’t see it . If you’re unsure, navigate to Settings → Business in the Mobile App which should show an error for an unclaimed account.

Some one has been tampered with my Facebook I can’t get in at all

If the keyboard doesn’t work, it’s an issue on the system’s side. The device drivers might be missing, for instance. Every device on your computer requires software that communicates between the hardware and the operating system. While this software, called device drivers, is required for your hardware to work properly, it can also be the cause of issues surrounding it. Your Windows PC can use many types of input devices – a mouse, touchscreen, touchpad, and keyboard.

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